Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hydrogen Cars: Pointless

Consumer: Hey, I'm looking for that new FCX Clarity Vehicle.

Honda: That's great, but we're out right now.

Consumer: Aww, why can't you make more?

Honda: Well, we're losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on each one...

Consumer: Wait, they cost more than a HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars? That's crazy! Won't prices come down in the future?

Honda: Yes, we hope to get the cost down to one hundred thousand dollars...

Consumer: Okay, so that's disappointing. I heard California wants to build a hydrogen highway, so at least I'll have somewhere to fuel my hydrogen car.

Honda: Yes... but let's not talk about that. After all, we only have 24 stations in California, far less than the 100+ we were supposed to have.

Consumer: Wait, so I could only refuel my car at TWENTY-FOUR places in this state?

Honda: Well, most of those are private access only, so you can actually only fuel your FCX clarity at a handful of stations in Southern California.

Consumer: Couldn't I power it from home?

Honda: Yes, but you have to use natural gas (a fossil fuel) and we're not even CLOSE to selling home fuel stations.

Consumer: Well, at least I won't have to worry about drilling for oil...

Honda: But you will have to worry about the precious metals (like platinum) which are used to make the hydrogen fuel cells. Which reminds me, even if the price of our hydrogen car falls, we still won't be able to make that many of them because there is a limited supply of platinum that is avaliable for use.

Consumer *weakly*: But I'm worried about global warming...

Honda: Well, the hydrogen fuel cell produces about one-half the greenhouse gases of the average American car... excluding the huge amount of energy needed to produce the cars themselves, produce the hydrogen fuel stations, etc. So, I would say that the FCX Clarity is slightly more environmentally friendly than our new Honda Insight hybrid.

Consumer *walks away*

Honda: Wait! I haven't told you about the links between the fossil fuel industry and hydrogen production! The lack of information about how long fuel cells will last! The high cost of hydrogen fuel compared to powering an electric car! Come back!

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